Thursday, July 12, 2012

Owl Punch Art

I think the owl punch from SU is the most versatile punch they sell.  You can dress the owl up - a pirate, a mate, a bride, a groom, party girls, santa, your imagination is your only limit and when you run out of ideas, ask your kids, or grandchildren.  This punch makes an excellent present for all ages, so long as you can use the punch.

These are a sample of different ideas for dressing up the owl...
There is everything from Party Girl owls to Dr and Nurse, Bride and Groom, Pirate and first Mate, Santa and SUPER OWL, LOL all inspired or cased from other people all over the place.

The owl is not only an owl, cut off the owl's feet and you have a tulip or add  second owl, split in two (no feet)  and shadow on the back of the first to make a lovely tulip. I have more cards on my blog.  Click here to see more tulips.

Cut off the feet and you have a head...a head for a range of animals.  Colour is your friend here and adds to making the animal faces come to life; pink for pig, orange for cat, and so on.

This is only a small sample of different animals I have made with the Owl punch.  Google Owl Punch and you will not believe what you will see.

To confirm realism I got my 3yr Old and hubby to verify the animals - hubby failed the cow, so left to right, top to bottom, Ginger cat, bat, pig, sheep, alien, lion, penguin, ghost, cow, reindeer 1, hippo, reindeer 2.

I love this owl punch, I hope you do too, especially when you can see all of the wonderful animals and dress ups you can create with this very versatile punch.  So get out your punch (or give me a call and ask me to order you one) and sit with your children or grandchildren and share with me what you create, it is a tonne of fun.

Enjoy your punch art!


  1. OMG you have been busy I need a cuppa to get through it all lol.
    These are so cute to think all from the that little ol owl.
    Tam x

  2. Hoorah! You finally did it! ...I'll say you had a few posts ready and waiting! Awesome work Carol! I just wish I could see the pics though, my computer is being awfully slow again =( Talk to you soon.