Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card 15

I love puff paint and two years or so years ago I went crazy with it.  My Christmas examples are below - the stamp set used is from a previous mini so these are discontinued, I am sorry to say.

Whisper White card stock with Real Red highlight and pufffff paint.

and a close up so you can see the puff

This I think worked very well - although with age some of the lights are a bit miss shaped.  This card tells us how old they are the green - Glorious Green - is retired.
So how do we make puff paint - so easy - equal quantities of SR Flour and Salt with enough water to make a thick custard and colour with your re-inker!  How easy is that - how do you apply? Well I use toothpicks.  How to make it puff? Heat the paint with the heat gun - it is like cooking really and watch your tiny little cakes rise (hence the SR flour).   I have other posts using puff paint so be sure to check those cards out.

This is a lot of fun so why not have a go with the children, they will love decorating the Christmas Cards with you...and then watching the paint puff as it is heated and dried!

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