Monday, March 11, 2013

Puff Paint

You would not believe how easy it is to make your own puff paint with simple ingredients most have at home in their kitchen pantry.  It is heaps of fun not only in making it, but colouring it to any desired colour and shade.   Apply the paste and then heat it and watching it rise (the best fun for Ben and I).  For those who do not know what it is or what it looks like, here are some finished projects I made a couple of years ago...
Melon Mambo is so bright and begged for this to be done.  The cupcakes is from the cupcake rollergraph 113121

A little closer look so you can see I've added glitter for a little glitter
Another cake from an older retired set ...

Melon Mambo, Whisper White and Black, don't get better or more striking than that!

I love the way it puffs and cracks, just like a real cake!
So how does one make Puff Paint?
Equal amounts of fresh white Self Raising Flour and Salt (that is a ratio of 1:1) with a drop or two of reinker to colour the blend and three or five drops of water - until you have a runny but thick custard consistency.  I like to make up a couple of teaspoons of the mix and add blobs around the perimeter of a plate and then colour with one drop of reinker as to minimise waste.  I mix the mixture with a toothpick and add the mixture to my stamped image with a toothpick and fine paint brush.

Once the image is coloured, simply heat your card with your heat gun, from the underside first, to cook the mixture.  Move the heat around the card and from either side (top & bottom) of the card to ensure even cooking of the mix.  Once the mixture puffs and rises, and you have the aroma of cake or bread, you know you are done.

This layout featuring Crazy for Cupcakes, was cased from my up line Lisa.  I just loved it and by adding a little puff, even better...

Colours include Whisper White, Choc Chip and Blushing Bride.
 A little close so you can lick the cakes...well I want to LOL

And again but with Pumpkin Pie as a mat.
Crazy for Cupcakes.
This is so much fun to do with children and adults alike (LOL).  I've used this on Christmas cards for that extra depth on Santa's beard, lights, leaf fond and hair, but cakes are my favourite use.  Ignite that master chief in you and start cooking on your cards.


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