Friday, May 9, 2014

A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party - Party Favours

The finale for the Dinosaur Train themed 4th Birthday party held for our wonderfully gorgeous son, was the opening of presents and subsequent handing out of party favours/bags  (thank you gift bags) as children left for home. 
I had purchased some groovy bags but on opening said bags, they were soooooo small and would not fit what we had chosen to go in them - no NO LOLLIES or CHOCOLATES, fun things like a train whistle, stress dinosaurs, dinosaur glider, dinosaur magnifying glass, dinosaur sprinkles and Dinosaur Train stickers.
So what to do, but turn to pinterest - yes my most favourite internet tool :-) and what did Ben and I find,  Paper Mache eggs.."Dinosaur eggs" as Ben commented in wonderment.  We use the flour and water mix to glue pieces of paper on blown up balloons and hung them to dry.  Ben helped the first day, hence the thick paste which took two days with the help of a hair dryer to dry! and that big gluey mess that took me awhile to scrub off the bench.  But all in good fun, we used newspaper for the first layer and the brown Stampin' Up! packaging paper for the outer layer - looked great.

Where the balloon end poked out, is where I not only took opportunity to pop the balloons, but to cut a zig zag long enough to push the little gifts through.  This also acted as an access point for the children as I can assure you, it was not easy to cut or rip or get into without that initial cut!

Peek-a-boo, oh look what is inside!
The dinosaur foam gliders were a great addition and enjoyed by all.  If it had not been raining, I had intended on a glider race - now that would have been fun! 

The egg shells looked great sitting around the place and I really liked the contrast of the white interior to the brown exterior.
Paper Mache egg shell used as the party favours.

What a great end to the party, kids blowing their train whistles, stretching dinosaurs and building gliders.  There were glittery dinosaurs on the ground, some children were inspecting them with their dinosaur magnifying glass that was to be used in the fossil dig.  Never mind, the children found other things to look at :-)


  1. Hi i was wondering where you purchased the dinosaur train balloons? Thank you

  2. I got them from the US, a couple of hrs ago but I c eBay has them. Thank u for stopping x , hope u have a great party