Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stampin' Up! Basic Flower Punch Art

Punch Art is so much fun and with Stampin' Up! builder punches, you can create all sorts of flowers.  This is a chart we made in a recent techniques class...  The tree from the Tree Builder can be used as a branch and the flowers can be used flat or shaped to create blossoms... the more you work the centre of the blossom, the smaller and tighter it becomes so you can make a centre!
A Crafty Cat: Stampin' Up! Builder punches
The blossom builder is another versatile punch.  The petals if done in green can be leaves and the leaves if done in red/oranges can be make into a flower...  The 5 petal star can be a flower, stamen or the petiole for the base of a flower if looking sideways...
A Crafty Cat: Stampin' Up! Pansy Punch and Daisy Punch
The pansy punch is a long favourite of mine for paper flower making, and it can be used flat layered, or scrunched, stamped or not.  The Daisy punch is just as versatile in that the colour of the flower and how it is shaped leads to the type of Aster that is created.  The four yellow flowers are created out of the Daisy Punch, not Pansy punch as written.

Need a punch? Stampin' Up! had a great selection of quality punches.  Contact me or visit my online shop to see what we have available for purchase.

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