Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backgrounds - Faux Mother of Pearls

This background is nothing short of stunning.  The SU Shimmer paints rock in this technique.

I will replace this photo so that you can see how lovely the pearl effect is.  Those that attended the workshop will know how lovely it looks - most participants replicated this background for their card/wall hanging.

Materials :- 
Whisper white card stock, ink pads for the chosen colours,sponge, shimmer paint in a colour of your choice, piece of cling wrap, plastic plate or plastic craft/ acetate sheet, stamp of your choice and a damp rag/tissue 
Step 1 scrunch up your cling wrap and add a little shimmer paint to it
Step 2 dab this onto your plastic plate/sheet until you dab off the excess
Step 3 randomly dab onto card stock picking up extra paint of your plastic plate/sheet as you go
Step 4 allow shimmer paint on card stock to dry
Step 5 using your sponge pick up colour from your ink pad
Step 5 sponge and blend one or two colours over card noting that ink will not colour the card where the shimmer paint is.
Step 6 using a slightly damp cloth or tissue gently wipe away ink from shimmer paint to reveal the "pearl" look
Step 7 using a rag or tissue or alike gently polish card
Step 8 stamp or emboss image onto your background
Step 9 cut card to size and finish project.
The stamp set I used is a hostess set from the 2012 summer mini "Up in the Air"  just gorgeous isn't it.  

The photo certainly does not do the technique justice, but it is stunning.  Have a play and create a beautiful effect.


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