Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backgrounds - Fossil Stone

Fossil stone technique is now one of my favourite techniques, and it is soooooo easy.

I used choc chip and old olive ink, and I just love 124976/122762 Field Flowers stamped with early expresso

To create this effective background I chose earthy colours for the background to imitate stone and used the lovely SU set Field Flowers.
Materials :- 
Whisper white card stock, ink pads for the chosen background colours and to stamp your stamp set.  A4 display sleeve or zip lock bag or alike and brayer (if you wish, your hands work just as well) to create your background. 
Step 1 Cut the bottom and side of A4 sleeve so that it opens
Step 2 Open sleeve and smudge ink pads ONE colour each side
Step 3 Close sleeve and rub colours together with your fingers - bubbles are great
Step 4 When you have the desired pattern, open the sleeve and inster your card stock (2 sheets back to back)
Step 5 Close the sleeve and brayer or hand press over the card stock
Step 6 Open sleeve and remove card stock
Step 7 Allow card stock to dry
Step 8 Stamp image on card using ink or emboss in a colour of your choice
Step 9 Cut card to size and assemble project.

If you want a you tube video here is the link Fossil Stone

I hope you enjoy this simple but effective technique as much as I do.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great technique! I tried it and shared with a class yesterday and they loved it! I just posted a card I created on my blog with a link back to yours for inspiring me.