Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backgrounds - Faux Silk

Stamping on tissue paper gives a soft silky look to your project.


Materials :- 
Whisper white  or pale coloured card stock, ink pad (a grey, black or a brown for outline images), SU Markers if you are going to colour your stamped image, tissue paper and glue. 
Step 1 stamp image onto tissue paper
Step 2 colour image if your stamp is a line stamp - note some bleeding may occur
Step 3 wait for ink to dry
Step 4 scrunch up tissue paper
Step 5 spread glue over the entire piece of card stock
Step 6 gently smooth out tissue paper over cardstock, leaving in some wrinkles
Step 7 allow glue to dry
Step 8 trim away excess tissue paper OR cut card to size
Step 9 assemble project

This effect looks particularly good using leaves, small flowers or alike.  The technique gives added dimension to the card, so I hope you enjoy using this as a softer technique for making your cards.

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