Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backgrounds - Shaving cream

Shaving Cream is a wonderful medium to carry ink.  The backgrounds of these cards are very different but use the same technique.  So go to Dad's or Hubby's cupboard and spray onto a plate some of the shaving cream and discover the world of mixing colour in a fun medium.

Choc chip and Peach Parfait reinkers made a great background for this young boy card.

Dasher, I love Dasher.  I used Tempting turquoise re-inker and stamped with Island Indigo for contrast.

Materials :- 
Whisper white card stock, re-inkers for the chosen colours, a open container - plate or small baking tray, scewer or alike, and rag/tissue  
Step 1 Shake shaving cream and spray onto open container - spread evenly with knife or spatula
Step 2 drop re-inker colours randomly onto shaving cream
Step 3 using your scewer scribble through the inks to make patterns in the shaving cream
Step 4 lay your paper over the cream and gently press to pick up ink from the cream
Step 5 peel the paper back and leave for a minute or two
Step 6 use a rag or tissue or alike and dab the excess shaving cream from your card.
Step 7 allow to dry
Step 8 stamp or emboss image onto card
Step 9 cut cardstock to size and assemble project

This is another great project you can do with the kids - and you might love it too.  To the ladies that attended the background techniques workshop, I hope you enjoyed learning how to do the eight backgrounds I have now posted on my blog.  To those that wanted to come but could not, I hope this inspires you to give it a go and call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

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