Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backgrounds - Salt

Salted background is a technique I have been eager to try for years and my catalogue launch last year was the excuse.  To create this effective background I chose a stamp set and colours for a background to compliment this stamp set, e.g. for the Zebra, Giraffe and Lion from Zoo Review, I wanted a dry look so yellows, oranges and a shot of green were chosen to give the following effect....

I highlighted the main of the Lion and spots on the Giraffe with gold smooch...NICE...
 I changed my brush strokes of colour from diagonal above to horizontal squiggles to give the following end result...

and for the Penguin blues were a must.... 

To create this wonderful background, this is how you do it

Materials :- 
glossy card stock, re-inkers for the chosen colours, aqua pen, mister or spray of some sort, coarse salt and salt in a grinder - straight from your kitchen, versamark and embossing powder (I used black), heat gun and rag/tissue  
Step 1 dot re-inkers on plate or ink pad lid
Step 2 spray glossy card liberally with water- or use paint brush
Step 3 pick up ink with a wet aqua pen and scribble this over your card
Step 4 continue this with other inks of your choice and respray with mister as necessary
Step 5 sprinkle coarse salt over project and then dust with salt from grinder or use table salt
Step 6 allow project to dry - either air dry or dry with heat gun.
Step 7 using a rag or tissue or alike polish salt crystals from your card.
Step 8 Emboss or stamp your image on the card - I found that embossing gave added dimension and depth to the image and finished card.
Step 9 Cut card to size and assemble your project.

 The Dinosaurs called for wild skies of orange and blue with greenery under foot.

I added depth of colour to the dinosaurs by colouring them with like markers.
Creating your own backgrounds are fun and you can get a wonderful range of looks just by using different size salt crystals.  Experiment and enjoy your creations.

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