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A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party - The Food & Healthy Eating

How to cater for a Dinosaur Train themed 4th Birthday party when my son and I have a number of  food intolerances eat organically.  We almost have a Paleo diet; we don't eat grains, soy products, animal milk protein, most processed foods, sugar, canned tin foods, yeast and the list goes on. So we make most things we eat from scratch and it is not a big deal.  I guess because the first 18 months of Ben's life was spent nursing a screaming baby that was lucky to sleep 20minutes at a time, we got to a point where we would do ANYTHING. That anything was a continual elimination diet to just water and a few basics. I felt like I was surely going to die and I was still breast feeding 6 times a day when he was 15 months; but we got through and Ben has known no different so it is easy for us... well Ben, I am naughty on the odd occasion.

So with such food restrictions, how do I satisfy the adults and still cater for Ben and the children. This was easy once I thought about it and here is the menu with pictures. I did have a few naughty foods for the adults, dairy dip - Philly cheese with sweet chilli sauce, salsa and corn chips (I think that is naughty) and punch.  All was gluten free and sugar free, bar the punch, and dairy free, bar the Philli cheese dip.  Everything, bar the dips, were organic and dairy free thus suitable for Ben and I to eat. 

Tray 1

Gluten Free Carrot Cake in the shape of a volcano
This recipe will feature in a future post HERE
Gluten Free Biscuits, imprinted with dinosaur skeletons dipped in Cacao
This recipe will feature in a future post HERE
 Gluten Free Vegetable Chips - this was the first time Ben had chips, so he preferred the plain as opposed to the BBQ flavoured ones below. 
Ajitas Vege chips - Ben has the plain, I love BBQ.  yummmmmmmy

Tray 2

Gluten Free Chocolate Friands in the shape of a volcano
This recipe will feature in a future post HERE
Gluten Free Chocolate, Macadamia Fudge Slice - reminds Ben and I of a fossil dig, hence the label!
This recipe will feature in a future post HERE
Gluten Free Rice Bubble Eggs
recipe is by "SUGAR FREE KIDS"
Erupting mountain - Philii cheese topped with sweet chilli sauce surrounded with an assortment of plain rice biscuits  and vegetable chips, all Gluten Free.
Philli Cheese and sweet chilli sauce, again purchased from the grocer.  This was for the adults.
Lava ooze - Salsa and corn chips, gluten free and dairy free
Salsa was out of a jar and HOT HOT HOT, thanks Lex!
Herbivore Swamp - Avocado dip surrounded with an assortment of rice biscuits, vegetable chips and Corn Chips - all Gluten Free.
The avocado dip was simply mashed avocado, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dollop of coconut cream or you can use coconut yoghurt.  Mix and serve.
Spinosaurus claws - Natural Cashews, not roasted or salted.
Dinosaur Train themed foods included these very yummy cashews.
Hot foods - I understand not everyone likes to or wants to eliminate gluten or dairy from their diet, especially my husbands parents, so we put out an assortment of buns, rolls and margarine (personally HATE margarine) for their pleasure.
Ol Spinosaurus guarding over the hot foods with Boris and Don in line for  organic BBQ onions, Gluten Free beef sausages and chicken wings.
Our wonderful butcher "Payne Butchers" organised organic chicken wings for us and made the most delicious organic gluten free fresh sausages.  I am not a fan of sausages, but these were delicious.  This gave us a hot menu of  Organic Onion rings, Sausages and Chicken wings. These were labelled as  Mesozoic worms, T Rex digits and Pteranodon wings respectively.

Simply fried onion - Ben LOVES fried onion, white, brown and red

GF Organic Sausages made my our local butcher

Marinated Organic chicken wings.
The chicken wings were marinated overnight in
2 tbsp Organic Tamari sauce "abundant earth" is the brand I use and it does not make us sick.
1/2 cup Organic Maple syrup
2 tsp organic mustard
12 chicken wings

Cook on BBQ or frying pan basting continually with half of the marinade
and then put in oven with the rest marinate for at least 30mins
very simple and very yummm, and not too strong in flavour for the children.

You see the food was fairly simple, my husband takes credit for the cooking, I make up the recipes if need be.  Thank you for stopping by, catch you at the next post.

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