Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party - The Drinks

We have a wonderful little boy who LOVES Dinosaur Train and this is a snap shot of his 4th Birthday celebrations held one rainy afternoon in April 2014. 

The Drinks
Swamp Water for the adults and children - refreshing mint leaves in lemon ice water and since this is where the Ol' Spinosaur lives, he features on the label created in Stampin' Up! MDS.

Iced water with a squirt of Lemon Juice and fresh Mint leaves to top.

Lava juice - Punch

This is a favourite of mine and a treat for the Adults and I - full of sugar, not organic, but damn yummy
2L Golden Circle tropical punch
1L Golden Circle golden pash
1.25L Sprite Lemonade (does not have preservative 211 sodium benzoate or caffeine)
1/2 bottle of 1.25L Dry Gingerale
I packet frozen berries to colour and add that yummy fruity taste
Ice to top.

The label features Daphne, Daspletosaurus a lovely dinosaur who loves to stomp and dance.  Again the label was created in MDS by Stampin' Up!

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