Friday, May 2, 2014

A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party - The Decorations

Dinosaur Train is a wonderful Jim Henson production that my son have love for the past 18 months, so when I was asked for a Dinosaur Train themed birthday celebration, I could only say "sure".  My son's favourite character is Ol' Spinosaurus, but he also favours the Pteranadon family, Daphne, Tank, the conductor and a few others.

Ben and I turned out our trusty pinterest board to be inspired as to how, we would decorate the front yard and we decided on the following party decorations
               Ol' Spinosaurus and friends
               banners - Birthday and Train Station
               balloons in green, blue and orange & feature balloons
               table sprinkles/glitter
               streamers in green, blue and orange
               table cloths in green, blue and orange
               themed plates, cups and serviettes
               cutlery in blue
               food labels in green, blue and orange
               dressed up Chinese lanterns in green, blue, red and orange

But alas it rained so the front yard decorations did not go up and the balloons did not go out, only a few could be put up in the small pergola area.  The welcome...

These are some snap shots of what I was able to achieve...the Birthday Banner made to fit on our feature wall with the frog as Ben wanted the frog to stay...

Ben's surprise was the themed Balloons ... I could not believe how big buddy was and apparently nor could Ben "Mummy he is nearly as big as me LOOK!"

and his plates, cups and serviettes.  These were gifted to him and didn't his eyes light up when he saw them!
Ben is a little party hunter, I tell him what we have left to purchase and when we are out shopping he spies thing, in this case these blue knives, forks and spoons, bargain price.

We themed the food labels with cut outs of his favourite Dinosaur Train characters ... he loved these

and Ben's dinosaurs were placed here and there...
Ol Spinosaurus got around on the day, moving around the party to check on things...

The lanterns were inspired from a pin on pinterest.  Ben and I thought they needed heads and real armour, so we dressed them up like this using Stampin' Up! card and their wonderful Sticky Strip.  These guys were supposed to be hanging in the trees and in and off his cubby; would have looked amazing...

Mr Spinosaurus got hungry and tried to eat a butterfly...
Basic decorations that Ben and I enjoyed making together.  I wish it had not of rained - we had so much more to hang up and many more balloons to put out. 


  1. OmG! Where did the buddy balloon come from?

  2. Hi Eve, All of my supplies came out of USA.

    1. Where in the US may I ask? Looking for the balloons for my sons birthday party