Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party - Dressing Up

Who does not love party themed dressing up, and there is few things more enjoyable than watching children dress up and act out.  For Benjamin's 4th Birthday party which had the theme of  "Dinosaur Train", we just had to dress up as dinosaurs.  We used our trusty pinterest board to be inspired for these ideas...

We had masks which I printed from HERE

I made lots of tails of all sorts including, Stegosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, and Hesperosaurus.  To see how I made these click HERE for the next post.

We cut out many pairs of feet - inspired from the footprint sheet found HERE

A BIG thank you to Rose and Tammy for cutting these Tyrannosaurus Rex foot prints, I drew them using the tracks above and the girls cut them out for us.
and Triceratops foot prints - I was amazed how aggressive the tracks were considering the animal was a herbivore and had horns...

and Stegosaurus foot prints - much more friendly for a herbivore LOL

When the feet were on...I placed a square of double sided tape on the underside of the feet so that they could stick to the shoe/foot and not move around the foot.

and the tail and mask where all put together, this is what it looked like...

Definitely CUTE...

If I was to do this all again, I would use felt not foam for the feet.  Although I had a big square of double sided tape on the underside of the foot so it would adhere to the shoe or foot to stop it swinging around the ankle, there were a number of them that tore.  The tails and masks were lots of fun and I can only imagine how much more fun the kids would have had if it were not raining and they had full run of the front yard.

I will give you a description of how I made the tails in a future post HERE, I look forward to your company.

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