Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Shot - How to Use

Hi again,
I've had saved and not published a number of posts; not published because I don't have great quality photos and little time to retake them or manipulate them in a photo editing program.  I've had many requests to publish this one, so although the photos are not crash hot, I hope the information I provide is of value.
The big shot and an example of the different types of dies and embossing folders that can be used in with it.
 I guess the most important thing is to know and understand your machine.  If you understand it is essentially a press, you will know what to do when things are not quite right.  Below are examples of what you use with tab one on the multipurpose platform and both cutting plates. 

Behind the big shot is the multipurpose platform and on the tray of the machine is an Embosslit die (back LHS), textured impressions embossing folder (TIEF) and Sizzlits die (front LHS)

  The layering order for embosslit dies, embossing folders and sizzlits dies is simply 

  • the multipurpose platform on TAB 1
  • a cutting plate
  • the die or embossing folder with the card stock/material in the die/folder NB direction - (with the open edge of the die/folder entering the press first as pictured below)  the hinge should be the last thing to pass through the press/big shot.
  • topped with the second cutting plate.
Layering for Embosslit Die
Layering for Textured Impressions Embossing Folder

The layering order for the Sizzlits die is simply 

  • the multipurpose platform on TAB 1
  • a cutting plate
  • the die 
  • topped with the second cutting plate

Layering for Sizzlits Die
 TAB 2 on your multi purpose platform is used for wafer thin dies.

SU Wafer Thin Framelits Die125598 Labels Collection


  The layering order for wafer thin dies is simply 

  • the multipurpose platform on TAB 2
  • a cutting plate
  • the paper or image you wish to cut out
  • the die with the lip facing down
  • topped with the second cutting plate
Layering for Wafer Thin Dies

The die facing up and down so you can see the difference and position it correctly

The die should be face down on the cardstock


  The layering order for the Bigz (L and XL and Original) Dies is simply 

  • a cutting plate
  • the die itself facing up so that you have the foam side exposed. The multipurpose platform is not used with these type of dies
  • the card stock positioned over the die
  • topped with the second cutting plate OR use crease pad instead if you have fold lines eg mini milk carton or scallop envelope

113462 Scallop Envelope Bigz Die

The layering using the cutting pad on the top
The layering using the crease pad on the top

How to use your Big Shot, is most easily seen by demonstration and you can see this on the SU video or ask me to demo the machine and dies for you. 

Go to my Big Shot HINTS AND TIPS to learn more about using your big shot and trouble shooting.
If you have any questions or want to clarify what I have written, please send me an e-mail.  I hope this information is useful and please if you have any additions let me know so I can add them.

Do enjoy creating with this wonderful machine, it truely adds another dimension to craft as a whole.


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